First: Benefiting from the Services of the Egyptian Industrial Modernization Centre

The Center offers help depending on the size of the facility in the following manner:

1. Helping HPC members qualify for quality certifications (ISO, etc.)

2. Assisting HPC members in designing a software program customized for each hospital.

3. Financing production equipment for HPC members finance (10% of a machine's price, paying a maximum of L.E.100, 000)

4. Signing a memorandum of understanding with a number of banks (round 12 banks in Egypt) so it may represent members of the Federation of the Egyptian Industries, and decrease interest rate on loans so HPC members may use this advantage if they need loans.


Second: International Conferences and Exhibitions


Participating in international conferences and exhibitions aims at promoting medical tourism and exports; among the conferences and exhibitions in which the HCP has participated are:

1. Medica Expo held in Germany from 15th to 18thNovembers, 2006 in cooperation with the Industrial Modernization Center and Egyptian Exporters Association.

2. The Bahrain International Exhibition held inManama on December, 11th-13th, 2006 in cooperation with the Industrial ModernizationCenter and Egyptian Exporters Association.

3. The Arab Health Exhibition and Medical Congress held early this year in the UAE in cooperation with the Industrial Modernization Center and Egyptian Exporters Association.

4.The Arab Medical Exhibition/Conference for hospitals, clinics, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals held in Yemen during April 10th- 13th, 2007 in cooperation with Industrial the Modernization Center and Egyptian Exporters Association.

· Participating in that event was part of theChamber's endeavor to promote medical tourism and increase national income.

· Prior to this event, a large number of CDs were sent to HPC member hospitals, laboratories, and radiology centers. The CDs illustrated the various activities performed by each member. These CDs were sent to the medical consultant in the Egyptian Embassy in Yemen.


Third: Meetings of the HPC


1. HPC Board of Directors met on Sept. 5th, 2006 with Dr. Hatem Al-Gabaly, the then Egyptian minister of health, and offered a detailed explanation of the Chamber's significance and the role it plays to outline Egyptian health policy. This meeting was attended by a number of journalists who covered the event.

2. Dr. Bishr Qinawy, head of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, met with Dr. Adel Munir, chairman of the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority. During the meeting, a review was made of the important aspects of the draft law proposed to regulate the role of healthcare companies as a contribution to development of medical insurance in Egypt. This meeting was attended by a number of journalists who covered the event.


3.On November 4th 2006, the HPC Board of Directors met with Dr. Abdul-Karim Rasi', the Yemeni minister of health, in the presence of Dr. Mohammad Al-Sharif, Egyptian health consultant in Yemen, officials from the Yemeni Ministry of Health and officials from the Yemeni Embassy in Cairo. The meeting dealt with prospects of cooperation between Egypt and Yemen in the field of healthcare services.

4. A joint committee was formed comprising representatives from the HCP and Medical Insurance Authority to set standards and increase healthcare services prices for hospitals included under the umbrella of health insurance. Accordingly, the joint committee decided to increase prices by 20% for CT scan and MRI, and this decision has been put into action since November 2006.

5. A symposium on quality concepts and how to attain quality standards was held at the request of HPC members. Those responsible for quality programs inside and outside Egypt were invited to the symposium to introduce the various quality systems:

· National Accreditation Program (Ministry of Health)

· International Joint Commission

· The Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC)

· Accreditation systems for laboratories

The symposium introduced accreditation systems in Egypt and the things they have in common with international systems. It also dealt with quality systems and their applications in medical fields as well as the local system of hospital accreditation and its relation to the Joint Commission, one of the world's most prominent organizations for healthcare accreditation. The symposium was attended by a large number of HPC members, a group of hospital representatives; non-members of the HPC (around 200 participants). The event was also attended by media personalities and was covered by various national journals.

6. The Chief Executive Officer of the HPC and Dr. Ahmad Al-Saify, member of the HPC Board of Directors, met with Ms Fayza Abul-Naga, Egyptian Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, and discussed possible areas of cooperation. Moreover, a review was made of the bankwith which the Ministry of International Cooperation has signed contracts so that the HPC members may benefit in case they need to purchase equipment from the USA or Europe. HPC management expects a formal reply from the Minister's office in this regard. During the meeting, a request has been made to include a number of HPC members in the committee, which is headed by the Prime Minister, and is currently conducting a study on medical tourism.


Fourth: Training Courses HPC Members Participated in


1. HPC has contributed 80% of the cost of the training course offered for its members, and which was organized by the International Research Center at the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University.  The course was entitled: "Methods of Financing Foreign Trade, Documentary Credits, and Documentary Collections". The course was held in Cairo and lasted for a month starting January 28th, 2007, and the same course was offered in Alexandria.

2.In the framework of its cooperation with the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication (CIT), the HPC offered a five-day introductory course for hospital managers on health information systems.

3.Under the auspices of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Chamber has offered a training course in designing and pricing of healthcare programs for healthcare companies that are members in the HPC. The course was held in the period between May 9th and 21st, 2007.

4. The HPC organized a public conference to discuss the role of healthcare companies in providing healthcare services to Egyptians people. The conference was held in cooperation with the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority (EISA) and was sponsored by Dr. Hatem Al-Gabaly, Egyptian minister of health, and Dr. Mahmoud Mohiy Ad-Din Al-Gharib, minister of investment.

5. The HPC participated in health services development workshops held annually in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh and sponsored by Dr. Hatem Al-Gabaly, minister of health.

6. The HPC also participated in the 6th Arab Conference on Modern Techniques for Hospital Administration and Financing Medical and Healthcare Services.

7. In cooperation with Logistic Co. and Alexandria University, the HPC offered its members a training course in:

·National Accreditation Program

·Quality Standards Interpretation for Private Concepts and Sector

8. In cooperation with the High Committee for Medical Specialties, the HPC offered training to the Egyptian Fellowship candidates in HPC member hospitals.

9. The HPC, in cooperation with the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication, has defined the role of information technology and communication in developing health services.

10. The HPC has organized various workshops for its members in cooperation with Quality Associate.

11. The HPC has offered a course in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Hartford University to train its members in the following area:

a. Emerging Executive Management Education for Hospital Leaders.

12.The HPC held a symposium sponsored by Dr. Hatem Al-Gabaly, the former Egyptian minister of health, to discuss "Pandemic Influenza and How to Prevent It". Among the speakers were Dr. Nasser Al-Sayed, assistant minister of health for primary healthcare, preventive medicine, and family planning, Dr. Adel Khattab, professor of chest diseases and consultant to the Minister of Health for pandemic influenza (bird flu).

The HPC has coordinated with the Joint Commission International (JCI) to prepare hospitals to qualify for accreditation. HPC member participants were offered the lectures supervised by Dr. Nagwa Al-Husseiny and Dr. Maha Al-Tehewy to prepare hospitals seeking accreditation. The Egyptian Industrial Modernization Centre has extended special support to this training program.

13. In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, the HPC organized a number of training programs for hospitals staff especially those responsible for hospitality, food safety, and internal supervision. These programs were held in Alexandria and the Chamber also held similar programs in Cairo.

14. The HPC has participated in Mediconex 2010 for the third successive year. Mediconex is North-Africa's leading event covering all the various activities that have to do with healthcare. That year, the event coincided with a number of international conferences for Egyptian medical associations. Among these conferences are: the 26th International Conference of the Egyptian Society of Anesthesiologists, the 1st Conference for Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, and the International Conference on Egyptian Medical Tourism in cooperation with the World Medical Tourism Association.

15. The HPC is preparing a cooperation protocol with the American University to organize training programs.

16. The HPC has organized training programs on new trends in pediatrics and treatment of newborns. The Dutch expert, Dr. Rodrigo Pereira has delivered all the lectures in the course of the programs in the framework of cooperation between the HPC and the Dutch Embassy. These programs were held in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria and benefited both doctors and nurses.


Fifth: HPC Miscellaneous Activities

1. The HPC has conducted a special study on medical tourism in cooperation with the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Tourism. This study was wholly funded by the Industrial Modernization Center.

2. The HPC has participated in issuance of the new healthcare companies law in cooperation with the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority.

3. HPC officials held a meeting with Mr. Zuhair Garana, the former Egyptian minister of health, to discuss possible areas of cooperation between theHPC and the stated ministry. This meeting resulted in organization of the above-mentioned training programs in cooperation with and funded by the Ministry of Tourism.

4. A meeting was held with Mr. Usama Saleh, chairman of the General Authority for Investment. The meeting dealt with possible channels of cooperation between the HPC and the Ministry of Investment to help HPC members in all aspects of healthcare and medical services.

5. The HPC has issued "Salamatak" (Be Well!), a periodical medical periodical magazine offering medical information including the latest advances in medicine. Some 5000 copies of "Salamatak” are distributed among HPC members, hospitals and laboratories as well as governmental medical entities, ministries and syndicates. This periodical publishes the latest news and achievements of the HPC on monthly basis to enable the readers to follow up. This periodical has been issued to serve all those engaged in the medical field and welcomes publication of scientific papers as well as problems facing doctors and hospitals; this aims at helping inform government officials of these problems so they may work on the solutions.

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