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The HealthCare Providers Chamber (HCP) was founded eight years ago. Since then, its Board of Directors has decided to commit to achieving the Chamber's goals and to adopt whatever new trends that will secure top quality healthcare services for Egyptians.

 The HCP Board of Directors, elected every three years, is comprised of 15 members; ten elected and five appointed by the Minister of Industry. The HCP now includes 460 members from the private sector (hospitals, specialized medical centers, laboratories, radiology centers, and healthcare companies).

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Promoting the private sector's role as a partner in developing healthcare services.

Uniting the efforts within the private medical sector to overcome the problems facing healthcare services, the most critical of which are: low service prices, soaring prices of medical supplies, and the state's refusal to use the private sector's services in return for considerable prices.

Launching an integrated project with the aim of assessing the quality standard of each HPCmember healthcare institution, and providing advice on how to achieve the technical and administrative standards expected of every healthcare service provider.

Promoting medical services exports to sisterly Arab countries and developing medical tourism to attract patients from around the

Arab world to seek treatment in Egyptian medical institutions.  

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توجيه من وزارة الصحة بخصوص COVID-19
توجيه من وزارة الصحة المصرية بعدم اجراء أى تحاليل خاصة ب COVID-19 خارج نطاق الوزارة
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