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Work Plan and Strategies of the HPC


Achievement Strategy


Promoting efficiency and developing human resources

This will be achieved through arranging for a series of training courses. Expert training providers will be preparing and executing these courses which will address the following areas:

  1. Nursing: A select number of training programs will be held in Cairo and Alexandria, a series that started in Cairo on May 7th, 2011. More nursing training courses will be held (Quality- ICU- ER) and their time is yet to be determined.
  2. Individual Skills Development: A number of training courses will be offered in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism in the field of hospitality management, front desk hospitality.
  3. Financial Management: A number of training courses in financial management will be offered for hospital managers.
  4. Medical Records: A number of training courses in medical records preparation will be offered.
  5. Customized Courses: Training courses tailored to the goals and needs of Healthcare companies that are members of the HPC.  The HPC contributes to the cost of all the above-mentioned courses and programs.





Increasing  the number of medical tourists

The following steps will be taken to promote medical tourism:

  1. In the Short Run: Sending marketing convoys to the top medical tourism destinations such as: Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Nigeria.
  2. In the Long Run: Conducting a study on medical tourism in cooperation with a leading medical tourism development consultancy firm which will act as a technical consultant for HPC, (It will be responsible for preparing terms and conditions of bids, evaluate bids made by companies that will conduct the study, and follow up on the implementation of the study.)


Bolstering Relations between Healthcare service providers and health-care companies

To achieve this, ongoing meetings are being held between the two parties to set cooperation policies and work on creating a database of insurance companies. Forming a joint arbitration committee comprising healthcare service providers as well as insurance companies to address issues as they arise.


Increasing the number of HPC members

This will be achieved through holding regular meetings by members of the HPC board of directors in various governorates to introduce the activities and objectives of the Chamber. Plus, a marketing representative with a medical background is to be appointed to follow up on the above-mentioned meetings and visits.


Offering an information services to HPC members

All members will have access to information, including those relevant to opening a new hospital, design standards for hospitals, renewal of license, the laws issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, etc.) All such information will be made available on the HPC's website that is currently under construction. This objective will be achieved in cooperation with the technical office at the Ministry of Health that will provide HPC with updated information and brochures to publish them on the above-mentioned website.


Improving the quality of healthcare services offered to patients

To achieve this objective, regular meetings will be held between the HPC members and the Egyptian Ministry of Health officials. This aims at keeping HPC members well informed of the specifications of hospital quality standards as well as those of the Egyptian hospital accreditation program, so they may prepare hospitals accordingly.


Furthering the interests of HPC members

Attention will be given to solving problems that the HPC members face when dealing with various entities such as: Syndicates, Ministries, Tax Authority, and Government Health Insurance Authority. Regular meetings will be held with officials in such entities and direct contact will be maintained with them.


Promoting HPC Financial Resources

Efforts need to be made to promote the financial resources of the Chamber. This is necessary to fund the training programs and marketing convoys the Chamber will carry out. Financial professionals will be brought in to achieve this objective..

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